Keeping the chemicals at the right level in your pool truly is a balancing act. If the alkalinity or pH levels drop too low, serious problems can occur. Of course, too much of any chemical can be harmful as well. Pool water pH levels that reach a higher level can cloud the water or leave scaly deposits, while levels that drop too low can actually damage and corrode pool components.

Too much chlorine and you could be left with skin and eye irritation, but use too little and you may end up swimming in bacteria and algae. The right balance of chemicals is what keeps your body healthy, your pool clean, and your experience fun. Keep the chemicals balanced by working with Pool Guardians. Experts recommend testing your pool’s chemicals anywhere from two to three times a week. If the chemicals aren’t right, you’ll need to run the pump after adding the chemicals one at a time to help distribute them.

Of course, many pool owners do not have the time or the understanding necessary to check their pool chemicals as often as they need. Avoid potential problems by hiring a team to get the job done for you. Pool Guardians is here to test the water, add any necessary chemicals, and report our results to you to help you feel at ease. We look forward to helping you and your pool.