Over the course of a day, leaves and dirt may find their way into your pool. When you consider how much can end up in there over the course of the week, it’s no wonder it doesn’t look so good before a pool cleaner comes out to clean it up. However, a pool vacuum sucks up the dirt and debris right off the floor of the pool to leave the water fresher and cleaner.

At Pool Guardians, we offer quality services at an affordable price. We will not rest until the bottom of your pool is completely clear. We work hard to ensure that we use the best tools for your Pool. Our Riptide system is just one example. This Riptide vacuum allows us to clean your pool without the use of your pool filter.
Traditional pool vacuums are attached to the filtration and water pump system of the pool. Once attached, the suction goes through the vacuum head and through the hose until it reaches the filtration system. With this method, the dirt and debris on the bottom of the pool is left in your filter.
Our method saves your filter the additional wear and tear and ensures we don’t leave anything behind. 

Pool vacuuming is an important part of ensuring your pool remains safe and clean. Allow Pool Guardians to help. We perform all necessary pool cleaning services so you don’t have to worry about it. Our years in the industry have taught us the ins and outs of proper pool cleaning, and our passion for customer service has made us leaders in our industry. We do all we can to make sure the job is done right and our clients are satisfied with the results. Reach out today to schedule your next pool cleaning.